Success Stories

"During the past 10 years employment at CROSSROADS, my son has developed technical and problem-solving skills that have given him the confidence needed in his day to day living.  He has developed a strong work ethic while working at CROSSROADS and he takes pride in his success at work."- Luana Gredell, Parent of Matt McElroy

"When my granddaughter began working at CROSSROADS, she lived at home and had no self confidence.  Since that time, she has gained independence from learning to speak to staff and supervisors.  She loves to go to work!  During her employment at CROSSROADS, she has moved into independent living and has begun to explore the community around her.  At first she would take the bus, but she now walks to destinations near her home.  She has had the opportunity to work a variety of jobs at CROSSROADS, which has given her skill-building opportunities, and has taught her to schedule her time.  And she has made friends!  I don't know what we would do without CROSSROADS!"- Carolyn Eggers, Grandparent of Julia Baxter

"Scott loves working at CEO, CROSSROADS, INC.  We are very pleased, as parents and legal guardians, to have such a wonderful, professional, and caring staff for our son.  Having a place to work and be productive has given Scott a great quality of life."- Judy Suchomel, Parent of Scott Suchomel

"I think Crossroads does a good job at finding jobs the clients are capable of & helps them to feel they are doing an important job & have pride in themselves."- Chris Shotwell, Parent of Lori Shotwell

"I have seen so much growth in Viktor's abilities to engage in conversation with others.  He is proud of the things he does and thoroughly enjoys his experiences at CROSSROADS.  Kathy is someone that I feel comfortable with and trust with my son.  As a parent that can be a very hard thing to gain (trust) but she is amazing!  Thanks to everyone for what they do!"- Debby Lara, Parent of Viktor Lara

"This program fills a tremendous need in my son's life.  By attending, he gets to explore the community around him, socialize with his friends, learn to work in the kitchen, hear about current events, and use his talents.  He looks forward to going there."- Cynthia Naber, Parent of Matt Schramm

“HNI Corporation, and more specifically The HON Company and Allsteel, have enjoyed a long-term and meaningful working relationship with Crossroads. We would encourage any company to consider Crossroads as a valued supplier.” - Gary Carlson, HNI Corporation Vice President

"It has been invaluable to Musco that Crossroads is able to provide quality work; particularly during the peak demand summer months.  We're looking forward to a long, beneficial relationship with them and encouarge others to consider Crossroads as a valued member of their supply chain."- Carol Ebeling, Musco Sports Lighting Director Manufacturing

"The agency offers a place for consumers to gain work skills.  They try and make each individual successful in the work program.  Communication is a great strength.  DayHab Services have been a huge asset to Muscatine!"- Kim Dahnke, Case Manager, MCCS

"Lots of good dialogue.  We enjoy working with all of you."- Kathie Anderson-Noel, Muscatine County Community Services

"Crossroads provides excellent services and makes accommodations to meet the needs of our consumers."- Tricia Honeyman, Case Manager, MCCS